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Press Brake
Adhering to the advanced European design concept, Boslaser follows the technology of Belgian R&D center, combines with the actual needs of customers and provides make well-structured and high-quality press brake machine, shearing machine, laser metal cutting machine, ironwork machine and plasma cutting machine. Most importantly, Boslaser has become a professional sheet metal processing equipment supplier.
15+ years manufacturing & servicing experience.
Export to over 80 countries.
More than 90% of workers have skilled worker with 5 years of experience. 
European CE approval, ISO9001 quality management system,etc.
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Press Brake

NC Press Brake with Estun Controller(X+Y Axis) / CNC Press Brake With Delem Controller (Y1,Y2,X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1,Z2+W Crowning axis)

Shearing Machine

QC12Y Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine & QC11Y Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine With E21 NC Controller 

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with IPG or Raycus Laser Power ( 500W ~ 6000W ) ( Single working table or exchange working table

Rolling Machine

A sheet metal rolling machine, also called a plate rolling machine, is a machine that will roll different kinds of metal sheets into a round or conical shape. Manufacturing companies can use the metal rolling machine to create different finished metals for commercial applications. 

Hydraulic Ironworker

Hydraulic Ironworker Machine (Combined Punching, Cutting, Notching, Bending functions) gives metal fabricators outstanding quality and unparalleled durability. 


Angle Notcher Machine

Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine mainly divided into the fixed Angle Notching Machine and adjustable Angle Notching Machine.


V Groover Machine

V Grooving Machine is divided Vertical CNC V Grooving Machine and Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine.


Plasma Cutter

Plasma Metal Cutting Machine is a machine that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma.                


Laser Welding Machine

The laser welding machine is welding equipment used to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a fiber laser. Laser welding machines for sale result in flawless seams in metal plates, plastic components, jewelry, and even building components.


Our company mainly produces CNC bending machines, shearing machines, laser cutting machines, combined punching and shearing machines, slotting machines and other sheet metal processing equipment. Our company has more than 20 processing equipments. Export equipment enjoys our five-year warranty period and 24-hour online after-sales service.


15+ years manufacturing & servicing experience.

Technical Support

More than 90% of workers have skilled worker with 5 years of experience.

Great Popularity

Export to over 80 countries.

Quality Assurance

European CE approval, ISO9001 quality management system,etc.


Our processing equipment including the heavy duty shot blasting machine, 5-axis machining center, large grinding machine, floor type boring & milling machine, large annealing temper furnace, CNC machining center ect.

Noted: Machine frame Adopt Overall Fabricating By Floor-type Boring & Milling Machine.

Overall Welding Fabrication

Overall welding fabricating of workbench vertical plate and machine body ensures the platness of the workbench.

Precise Boring Bore

Overall fabricating of fixed seat and fixed hole ensures the two oil cylinder in the same level , namely , with same Y axis axis value when working , to protect the oil cylinder and machine.

Finite Anyalysis

Workbench adopts finite-element analysis curve fabricating , avoiding uneven pressure , and reducing the cutting linearity deviation .

Heat Treatment by Tempering Furnace

Machine frame and slider hardened by heat treatment to guarentee the frame strength ,lengthen the service life , and improve the bending accuracy.



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    7 Tips on Metal Sheet Shearing Machine

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    How to Choose Press Brake Machine

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    Upper Die Size Drawing of Press Brake Bending Machine

    Boslaser is a top 10 press brake manufacturers with 15 years' experience, providing high-quality press brake bending machines and professional press brake machine knowledge. If you have any needs, please contact us!



Press Brake

CNC Press Brake DA53T CNC Controller from Holand Delem with 3+1 Axis ( Y1 , Y2 , X + W Crowning )

Shearing Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for 10mm carbon steel (IPG & Raycus Laser Power ) Working Area ( 3015-6020mm)

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Adhering to the advanced European design concept,Boslaser follow the technology of Belgian R&D center, combine...

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Export equipment enjoys our five-year warranty period and 24-hour online after-sales service.

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