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How to Choose Press Brake Machine
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How to Choose Press Brake Machine

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Press brake machines are essential for bending metal. They are often used to create more complex bends that other rollers typically cannot handle. For most metalworking shops with shape cutting functions, the press brake machine is crucial and it is one of the most sought-after machines in metalworking.

The press brake machine is in principle a simple machine, but it is highly flexible and offers many accessories. Sheet metal thicknesses, lengths, and shapes are numerous and require extensive customization of dimensions, tonnage and tools. If an incorrect press brake is chosen, the production cost will rise and the bending machine cannot expect to recover the cost. Therefore, it is important to delve into your production needs in order to select and purchase press brake machines that do their job perfectly.

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Curved Material

When a processing plant tries to determine which type of press brake machine meets their needs, the key thing to look at is the metal bending project they will be working on and the type of metal they will use.

Choosing the right bender requires all specifications for metal and finished products. It is, therefore, necessary to know the type of metal and also to know if it has any special characteristics that must be considered when calculating the material. We should also carefully consider the amount of material and the thickness and length of the largest processing.

If most of the work piece is low carbon steel with a thickness of 16 gauge and a maximum length of 10 feet, the free bending force does not have to be greater than 50 tons. However, if you are going to do a lot of under molding, you might want to consider using a 150-ton machine. Invest in the shortest workbench and the lowest tonnage machine while ensuring that it will be able to complete the task at hand.

Knowing all aspects of the metal to be bent is critical to adjust the size of the machine being purchased, but this is just the starting point for choosing the right bending machine.


Once you know the curved material and its characteristics, you need to look at the V-die and tonnage. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new brake is the tonnage, the bending or load carrying capacity of the bending brake.

The first important factor is determining the maximum thickness and hardness of the hardest material that will bend. Generally, the thicker the material, the more tonnage it needs to bend it. Softer metals such as aluminum require less tonnage than materials such as high strength steel.

If you bend 0.125-inch aluminum but also bend 10 gauge stainless steel, use the tonnage required for stainless steel when choosing a bender. Remember the 80/20 rule - choose the machine based on 80% of the work you know will be done, not 20% of the work you might want to do, because your machine may cost up for that 20% "probable" job.

To calculate the tonnage, you also need to consider the length, the width of the mold opening (smaller Vees means higher tonnage) and the process (the force required to bend the air is less than the bottom bend and embossing). The flange length also affects the tonnage required for the press brake machine.

To calculate the tonnage required for your job, you can check the bending air tonnage map of the bending machine. Please note: Relative to the data, you should always increase the capacity of the press brake machine by 20% to 30% to allow for changes in metal properties so that you may not be able to reach the limit.

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You should also consider the amount of deformation that can occur on a particular machine.

The normal deflection is the amount of deformation naturally occurring under the load of the bending gate and the press. Under the same load, longer machines have more deflection in the bed and ram than shorter machines. For shorter machines, this means less shimming is required to obtain a qualified part.

The accepted industry stress standard for materials is 8.5 kg / mm 2 stress. These rigorous standards reduce deflection, increase the durability of the frame, and increase the ability to maintain tolerances after prolonged use.

The Internal Bending Radius of the Part

If you can accurately calculate the bend tolerance, external reversal and bend deduction, then you are likely to be a good part for the first time. However, to achieve this, you need to consider every factor in the equation, including the internal bend radius. The smaller the internal bending radius, the greater the flexibility of the material.

The internal bending radius varies depending on the bending method on the bending machine and press brake machine. If you can determine the exact amount of bend required for a particular radius, you can simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the number of inherent errors.

In the bending derivation calculation, the hole radius is used as the internal bending radius in the bottom bending or embossing. However, if air bending is to be performed, the internal bending radius will be calculated as a percentage of the mold opening. To get the lowest tonnage, you should set the inner diameter to be greater than the metal thickness and bend as much as possible.

The Right Tool

The type of press brake machine you need depends on the material you are bending. It is important to choose the press brake machine that will give you the best tool profile that best fits your metal fabrication project. Having said that, you must be careful not to exceed the load limit of the tool or press brake.

electric press brake

It is also necessary to ensure that the new press brake machine has the necessary software and hardware to handle the tools you use. At least for newer machines, this issue is not common, but it is important that all buyers should rule out this issue. Nanjing Bosslaser CNC Technology Co., Ltd is a press brake machine manufacture.

If you plan to use the current tool with a new bender, you should check that the electric press brake is compatible and in good condition. Some types of tools can only be used if your machine is high enough and strong enough. In addition, not all tools and accessories share compatibility with each model. Before shopping, please eliminate the contraindications so you don't have to buy new tools. Regularly create a list of the types of tools and unique parts you use; then, ask your seller to clarify the specifications to see if they match.

Open Height

Also be aware of the machine's "opening height" (also known as "daylight") when determining that the tool is right for your press brake machine. While the standard opening height is suitable for most people, customers may also need to consider buying a larger opening height brake, depending on the metal bending work they are performing, the tools they are running, and the stroke required for the operation.

If the customer bends the larger flange, they may find it difficult to remove the part from the standard open height bender. Then customers can order a bender with a larger opening height (and longer stroke). These machines are fully adjustable during operation so they can be kept small during operation and can then be opened to allow the operator to remove the bent metal or otherwise meet the job requirements.

Type of Shaft

The type and number of axes you use for your project are also important. In general, by using more axes, you will get higher precision. A larger number of axes can also help the end-user complete the project, which sounds easy at first, but requires more complex bending during the process. Determine the average demand for your customer base to find out exactly which type of bender you need.

Folding Accuracy

Bending accuracy requirements are a factor that needs careful consideration. It is this factor that determines whether you need to consider using a CNC press brake machine or a manual bending machine. NC's traditional bending machines can usually be used, but if you want to use high-precision and efficient machines, CNC hydraulic bending machines are your best choice. This will save you time and provide you with a better product.

press brake machine for sale

The CNC bending machine slider has a double-precision of plus or minus 0.0004 inches, using molding precision and a good mold. The bending accuracy of the manual bending machine is ±0.002 inches, and the deviation of "±2~3" usually occurs under the condition of using a suitable mold. In addition, the CNC press brakes are ready for quick loading, which is an indisputable choice when you need to bend many small-batch parts.

Electricity Consumption

As you stroll around, you need to keep the power of the bending brakes in your mind. Your building may not be able to withstand the amount of water required for the press brake machine. This can be a problem, especially if the high energy model is exactly what you need.

To eliminate constraints or safety issues, first, check the electrical system compatibility. Make sure your electrical system supports the power requirements of the electric press brake or find ways to increase the power supply.

Installation Space and Height

Press brake machines require a lot of space and are usually not suitable for placement in smaller rooms. You may prefer to choose a smaller bender to reduce space consumption, but smaller press brake machines are not always a better choice. In fact, this is even dangerous. For special projects, a larger machine must be used. They will also make your life easier because they will be more durable and stronger over time.

Nanjing Bosslaser CNC Technology Co., Ltd is a press brake machine manufacture. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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