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Best Hydraulic Ironworker Machine
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Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Hydraulic Ironworker

A Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is a class of machines that can shear, notch, and punch holes in steel plates. It often called the swiss-army-knife of machine tools. Hydraulic Ironworker Machine can shear flat plate, angle iron, round and square bar stock as well as punch plates, angles, I-beam and channel iron.

Boslaser's Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is the best ironworker machine that is supplied with Standard Tooling including repetition support tables at punch, shear and notch stations and with easily adjusted hold-downs at all five work stations to safely control the operations. Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations. Freestanding on a suitable floor, they just require an electrical connection to be ready for work.
Hydraulic Ironworker Machine for sale at Boslaser is perfect for punching, shearing, notching, bending, and other metal fabrication purposes–sometimes replacing the need for drill presses and bandsaws altogether. Since a hydraulic ironworker machine can be used for several different operations, it’s a wise and efficient way of saving both time and money. Boslaser's Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is the best ironworker machine well-engineered ironworkers built for high power, quality, and reliability. 

Hydraulic Ironworker - This series of products are ideal equipment for cutting all kinds of angle steel, I-beam, U-shape steel, right angle or 45-degree angle steel. A hydraulic ironworker can be used for punching, shearing, notching, bending and other metal fabrication functions. Ironworkers save time, increase productivity, eliminate waste and create clean smooth cuts and holes.
Boslaser as the top 10 professional hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers provide you the best range of multipurpose Hydraulic Ironworker Machine with effective & timely delivery. Boslaser also can design custom tools specific to your metal fabricating needs.

Hydraulic Ironworker

Main Functions of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine:


1) Punching: 

Full range of universal punches and dies are available. Unique style allows for large angle iron punching and large channel punching. Large viewing window on stripper swing-away design for ease of operation. Large two-piece gauging table with rulers and stop as standard fittings. Quick change coupling nut and sleeve for rapid replacement of change.

2) Shearing: 

Round and square bar shear has multiple holes for a variety of sizes. Adjustable hold-down device for round/square bar, channel/beam cutting. Large strong guarding for max safety. The angle shear has the ability to cut angle at 45°both top and bottom leg. This gives the operator the ability to make a picture frame corner for perfect welds. Diamond-shaped blade for quality cuts that is minimal material lost and deformity. Easily adjustable hold-down device for accurate plate cutting. Large 15″ squaring arm with inlaid scale. Special anti-distorted blade for quality cutting. The lower blade has four usable edges. There is a screw allow for gap adjust no shim needed.

3) Notching:

Unique design allows for cutting of angle and flat bar. Electrical interlock safety guard and three gauging stops for precise positioning. The notching section of this hydraulic ironworker is perfect for notching out the metal plate, angle iron and much more. The notching station also has an oversized table with material stops. This section of the machine can also be outfitted with the optional vee notcher.

4) Bending: 

Also bend the plate below 500mm. All the components of Machines are of the highest quality in their safety, function.

All  the mold sample of the ironworker.

Hydraulic Ironworker

Main Features of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine:

● Robust and accurate steel frame
● Adjustable stroke controls with indicators on both cylinders
● Hydraulic system with overload protection system
● Most important with easy maintenance
● Emergency safety stop switch
● Large flat shearing table with Ruler guide
● 2 independent hydraulic cylinders

The Advantages of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine:

● Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is fast and accurate and makes it easy to cut a lot of metal in factories.
● Hydraulic Ironworker Machine doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as mechanical models and hence is cost-effective.
● Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is usually compact machines and hence takes up less space even though they apply the same kind of pressure as mechanical Ironworker Machine.
● Hydraulic Ironworker Machine secures metal with cramps while cutting hence ensuring smooth cuts and even 90 degrees cut. There are a wide variety of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine in the market to cater for all sizes of metal.

The Applications of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine:

The Boslaser's Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is the most trusted and versatile machine a person can have in their manufacturing or fabrication shop, maintenance department or vocational school. Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is designed to punch, shear, bend and notch mild steel plate, bar stock, angle iron, and pipe. 
As the top 10 professional hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers, Boslaser's Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is a unique Multipurpose Hydraulic Ironworker Machine that has various applications and serves a lot of industries such as Tower manufacturing, Construction, Metal Fabrications, Telecommunication Industries, Bridge Manufacturing, etc. 

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