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CNC V Grooving Machine
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CNC V Grooving Machine

V Groover Machine

V Grooving Machine, also been called CNC V Grooving Machine, Sheet Metal Grooving Machine. 

CNC V Grooving Machine is a kind of sheet metal processing equipment. This machine is a fully Groover machine for metal sheet. It adopts advanced CNC innovative design with the advantages of high processing precision, simple operation, no noise, no vibration and so on. 

In the field of sheet metal bending, it is often used with CNC hydraulic press brake machine. Many special metal plates cannot be directly bent to meet the high quality and high precision processing standards. At this point, the user can first use the CNC V Grooving Machine for slotting and then use a press brake machine. This will greatly improve the appearance and quality of the workpiece. It will reduce equipment investment and save energy.

It’s mainly used to realize a certain depth V-cutting of stainless steel plate, ordinary steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, composite plate under 4mm before bend forming. The workpiece produced with such technique has a small bending radius, not obvious color changes, small bending force requirements, etc. Besides, it reduces the straightness error of the round edge of narrow long workpieces, and the common press brake and toolings can be used to bend the workpiece with complicated section shape.

Solid, or bar, metal is both more expensive to purchase and creates wastage once shaped. V-Grooving allows for sharp bends to be created from sheet material creating profiles that give the appearance of a solid material. V Grooving creates decorative grooves, channels and shadow gaps. Using CNC V Grooving Machine to bending sheet material is a more cost-effective alternative.

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V Groover Machine

The Basic Principles of CNC V Grooving Machine:

The metal plate is fixed, and the metal material on the movement track is cut off by using the mechanical movement of the V groover blade to form a process V groove.
The size of the bending angle is related to the depth of the V-groove. The smaller the bending angle, the larger the value of the V-groove depth that needs to be grooved.


The Advantages of CNC V Grooving Machine:

In the absence of a special CNC V grooving machine, people usually use grooving machines to V-shaped slotting of metal sheet materials. Because gantry type groover has no effective and reliable metal sheet press device. It cannot precisely control the depth of the v-shaped groove and the location interval of the v-shaped groove. Moreover, it has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and low efficiency. So, the CNC horizontal V grooving machine is the first choice for metal sheet v-shaped slotting.

● High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection
● Fast and grooving precise positioning
● Adaptive forward can adapt to the different status of sheet metal.
● High precision 
● Easy operation, stable performance, and reliability
● After using the fixture of the knife, knife change needs not reset to zero.
● The Base And The Beam Of The Machine Are Frame Structure. After finite element optimization design, the all-steel welding is tempered to eliminate residual stress, and the overall rigidity is good and the precision is good.
● Equipped with an automatic lubrication system: low wear, fine processing, ensuring machining accuracy and high dynamic response characteristics.
● CNC open controller, supporting full-automatic operation, 4-blades can run simultaneously significantly improves the grooving efficiency.
● Reduce the force required for sheet metal bending
The bending process shows that the bending force is directly proportional to the thickness of the plate. After v-grooving before bending, the thickness of the remaining sheet is about half or less than that of the original sheet metal. Therefore, the bending force required by the plate bending is also reduced accordingly. This allows the long sheet metal to be bent in smaller tonnage bending machines. Thus, it can meet the special requirements of high-grade decoration metal plates in hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, banks, airports, and other places.
● Locate the length of the bending side before bending
By making a shallow v-shaped groove on the material, users can predetermine the length of the bending side before bending. Then, users work in the bending machine with the pre-carved Sheet Metal Grooving Machine. It can not only ensure the length of the bending side of the correct size but also can replace the function of the CNC press brake machine back gauge.

Slotting Machine Sample Views

It is widely used in the sheet metal V - groove , U - groove and other irregular groove processing ( including stainless steel ,aluminum , aluminum plate , copper , iron , plastic , wood , acrylic panels and other special plates ) . Particularly . it is applicable to the V - groove processing of sheet metal before bending

V Groover Machine

The Applications of CNC V Grooving Machine:

CNC V Grooving Machine is widely used in the sheet metal V-Grooer, U-groove and other irregular groover processing (including stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum plate, copper, iron, plastic, wood, acrylic panel other special plates). Sheet Metal Grooving Machine is widely used in stainless steel decoration, elevator, security doors, and cabinet industries.

Both ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be V-Grooved, as follows:

● Brass
● Bronze
● Copper
● Aluminum
● Stainless steel
● PVD coated colored stainless steel*
● Mild steel
● Gold
● Zinc

The Difference of Vertical CNC V Grooving Machine and Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine:

Currently, there are two types of CNC V Grooving Machine on the market: vertical CNC V Grooving Machine and horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine.
The structure of the vertical CNC V Grooving Machine is similar to that of the door frame type. The fixture is used to pull the plate to the corresponding processing position. After the clamp is pressed, the V groove is processed by the cutter movement. It can be understood that through the movement of the plate to cooperate with the tool processing, the tool only performs the linear movement of the processing.
The principle of the horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine is opposite to that of the vertical CNC V Grooving Machine.
It is provided with a large working table, the plate is fixed on the table by pressure clamps, and the cutter is a gantry automatic mechanical structure. The tool moving device on the gantry first locates the machining route on the Y-axis, and then the gantry drives the tool to perform the V groove machining on the X-axis. It can be understood as a fixed plate, which is processed by the movement of the cutter.

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