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Vertical V Groover Machine
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Vertical V Groover Machine

Metal sheet V groover machine can V-groove stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other metal sheets, making the arc radius of the edge of the bent workpiece extremely small, satisfying the needs of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, commercial buildings , Banks, airports and other places in the high-end decorative special needs.

Product Description

Products Introduce:

BOSLASER series cutting machine is the upgrade of traditional ones. Adopted frame structure, this V Groover Machine make the overall stress relief tempered, bolts connecting with high strength, and the overall rigidity is good, and will gain less deformation. The beams of this series is solid without moving, the work piece material can be sent by the evacuation mechanism,and as for work tables, they were make of carbon tool steel, hardness of which can be 55-60HRC (ordinary table<30HRC) after high-frequency surface hardening, which makes the work table much harder than the hardness of stainless steel, and completely solve the phenomenon of the work surface grooves appeared due to low hardness of traditional machines, to ensure the work surface flatness ≤ ± 0.03mm, completely solve the reduction of the accuracy of the V grooving machine due to deformation of work table surface, prolonged the life of the equipment. Around the work table there are care feeding device to prevent scratches during processing of sheet metal.

Products Feature:

  • (A) Y-axis system
    The Y-axis consists of ECMA-F21830 AC servo motor,star reducer, timing belts, synchronous wheel, high-precision gear rack and pinion, linear guide parts.
    Its function is that the servo motor
     drives the blades move straightly on a linear guide through the star reducer together with fine gear, to provide the V groove power.

  • (B) X-axis systems
    The X-axis consists of E21320 AC servo motor, timing belts, synchronous wheel, ball screw, linear guide,backgauge rack, draggingclamps and other component parts.Its function is that servo motor drives the backgauge rack move straightly on a linear guide through timing belts and synchronous wheel driving ball screw, to provide precise positioning power to the the backgauge dragging clamps.

  • (C) Z-axis system
    The Z-axis consists of C20604 AC servo motor, timing belts, synchronous wheel,ball screw, blade and other parts. Its function is that the servo motor drives the blade move straightly on a linear guide
     through timing belts and synchronous wheel driving ball screw, to provide the BOSLASER's blade precise positioning power.

  • (D) The pneumatic system
    The pneumatic system were divided into two groups: the backgauge clamping tool which provides the clamping force to drag and pressing tool pneumatic system which provides the pressing force before V Groove.which provides the clamping force to drag.

  • (E) Electrical control system
    The electrical control system consists of the PLC, driver, touch screen, electronic control components, electrical cabinets and other accessories. The electrical cabinet is installed within wallboard of the machine, easy for maintenance and protection.Through the touch display, you can make full use of the equipment.


 High precision ball screw Taiwan TBI
 Precision linear guide rail Taiwan HIWIN
 Angular contact ball bearings  NSK of Japan
 Planing white steel blade  SECO of Sweden
 Servo motor  Yaskawa of Japan
 PLC  Yaskawa of Japan
 Electrical components  Schneider of France
 Power cable  IGUS of Germany 
 Pneumatic components Taiwan AIRTAC

Standard Configuration


Technical Parameters

Technical parameters




Full CNC V Grooving Machine for Sheet Metal Stainless Steel


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