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Customer Visits

  • Welcome Arshad Mehmood Chatha from Pakistan visit Durmapress Factory Again

    Mr. Arshad
    Mehmood Chatha visited our facory last year,and purchased one set QC12Y
    4X4000 shearing machine .After that,he is very interested in being our
    agent in Pakistan.So,this time he visit our factory again because of the
    machine good quality.First,We
    picked Arshad Mehmood Chatha up to o Read More

  • Warmly welcome clients from India Purchase press brake and shearing machine

    customers from India today.they main produce the Flame cutting machine
    in India.we picked them from Nanjing South Station at 11:40am .First ,we
    take them to taste the Chinese food,then pick them to our factory.After
    arrving at our workshop,they are very satisfied with our
    machines.Luckliy,o Read More

  • welcome cilient from Bangladesh purchase the power press machine

    23rd Apr
    2018 ,it's rainy day,we pick customer up from station to our factory.he
    has contacted Mike with long time and want to come to our factory to
    check the power press machine .First
    ,he come to our office to talk what machine model J23-100T power press
    machine that he want,and discuss with Read More

  • Welcome Mr.Abdo from Algeria purchase the WC67Y 300T 3200 and QC11Y 12X3200

    26th April
    2018 we picked the Mr.Abdo and Cherry up to our factory from the
    hotel.Mr.Abdo who come from Algeria contact kelly with more than 1 year
    about the press brake machine and shearing machine.First,we
    take them to our office to confirm the machine model that he needs and
    showed some phot Read More

  • Welcome clients from Sri Lanka visit Durmapress Factory

    At 16:30, 6th March 2018 ,Our clients with his Chinese agent visit our factory for purchasing press brake and shearing machine.First,we
    take them to our New workshop to test the guilllotine shearing machine
    for them,after checking that,they are satisfied with our macine
    quality,and said :this mac Read More

  • Welcome Anna with her engineers visit Durmapress factory again

    29th Dec 2017 our customers Anna and her two engineers from Russia visit our factory again for the hydraulic shearing machine.Anna
    has come to Durmapress before ,this is the second time.in the
    afternoon,Anna called kelly ,and said want to visit our factory for
    checking the machines.Kelly and Jus Read More

  • Welcome Clients from Uzbekistan puchase the WC67K 160T 4000 and QC12K 16X4000 with Durmapress

    28th Aug 2018 Our customers from Uzbekistan visited our factory from Nanjing Lukou International Airport.Their
    boss contacted with Lily with some weeks before coming to China, take
    one translator Mr.Sha and their engineer to check our machines quality
    and details .They will establish one factory Read More

  • Warmly welcome clients from Kenya and Hongkong purchase Shearing Machine

    ,Kenya client and his Chinese friend from Hongkong visit Durmapress
    Factory.what they want to buy is QC12Y 6X2500 hydraulic shearing
    clients Chatted with Candy before by email,and very interested in our
    machines ,so visit our factory with his Chinese friend together.When
    Read More

  • Welcome lovemore muzama from Zimbabwe purchased the WC67K 100T 3200 with DA52s

    April 2018 our client lovemore muzama from Zimbabwe visit our factory
    .He contacted with Lilly last month and let us pick him up from hotel.He
    has visited some factories at that time,but not satisfied with the
    machine that he checcked .First
    we take him to our workshop to check our machine Read More

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